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Web-sites can achieve top position for relevant queries in search engine results with professional, ethical and affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What would you like to do:

Website must be not only search engine friendly, but also usable,[1] and credible[2] to human visitor. With over a trillion unique URL's on the web, and over two billion new links being added to the Google database each day,[3] one must also attend to user's increased impatience and selectivness when searching for information on the World Wide Web. By increasing search engine rankings of your web pages will increase search engine reffered traffic to your site. Only US population makes more than 6 billion search queries on Google each month. How many relate to what your website is about? Probably many more than what your web traffic statistics tells you. Task of Search Engine Optimizer is to bring more of these 200 million search visits a day to your site.

Most important thing is increasing ranking for relevant keywords that relate directly to the topic of your web pages. What is the point in bringing you many visitors searching for a more popular phrase that doesn't really relate to your content? When visitors realize that, they will immidiately leave and they won't make a conversion - they won't buy your product and they won't subscribe to your newsletter, etc. You can easily check the quality of your website traffic by tracking the bounce rate of your visitors.

Also, very important thing is to be able to recognize SEO companies that try to sell 'buzzwords' as services. For example, there are many companies that list among their services 'counting of back-links', 'submission of site to search engines', etc. It takes less than 2 minutes to submit a site to all major search engines, and it is free. It takes about 5 seconds to count back-links. Does it need to be listed as a "service"? Often these companies say that they track your website Alexa ranking. If they were little honest to their clients, they would tell them how inaccurate that data is.[4]

Top Search Engine Placement, Google Optimization Examples

Following diverse queries are fine example of Search Engine Optimization. Most of them give millions of results and all of them have a common domain name in top or near top 10. Discover by yourself what domain is that.

php guestbook, interactive wave equation, time series data analysis software, bios analyzer, 404 firefox, nofollow plugin...

Above phrases are an illustration how good content optimization can be for a single web-site with web pages that have very different topics. Imagine what can be done with a web-site that is focused on one topic. For example, google 'best google videos'.

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How Good SEO Consultant Will You Hire

If SEO company wants to be one of the best SEO companies, it should have a knowledge and experience to bring its own web-site on top positions for some relevant search queries, or it is not competent in what it does. Finding this site in search engine results is a proof that it is well optimized, especially considering that its competition are other best Search Engine Optimization websites. This website is on top of Google for many phrases, although positions change due to Google Dance and due to dynamic nature of the web. Following phrases give similar results with or without words in parentheses; forward slash '/' means that any of those words will do the work.

In general, if you search for:
where = Chicago or telecommute
what = SEO or SEM
who = professional, expert, specialist, or consultant
how = affordable, professional, or ethical

you will find this web-site easily. Adding more words should make it only easier.

These successful queries are the outcome of good on-page content optimization.

Website Optimization

Your web-site can be about:

On this website you can find more information about a long lasting internet advertising and marketing solution offered by a SEO expert and internet marketing consultant. This investment will have a long term effect, and will increase visibility of your company on the internet. With over 100 million web-sites out there, and over hundreds of billions of web pages, Search Engine Optimization - SEO, is a mandatory step in your web-site design process.

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Link Exchange And Link Trading Alternative - PR Help

Beside web-site content optimization (SEO writing) mentioned above, new and original web-site, as well as competitive industry web-site (for example, dominican republic real estate) will also need to increase its rating (rank). Why? Because, if there are hundred(s) of web-sites that all have content optimized for search engines, what distinguishes them in results is roughly the amount of value contributed to them from other web-sites. This contribution comes from links. That is why many SEO consulting companies engage in link trading and links exchange. You have to be extremely careful with these because most of them will link to your website from hundreds of low quality sites, and even from spam sites. In addition, any link building that involves buying, selling, exchanges, trade, purchase violates Google guidelines and can get your website banned. Read more about alternative to this at separate page (Google Optimization link on top).

Web-Site Promotion And Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is only one part of a more comprehensive field called Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing methods include search engine marketing (SEM), display advertising, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, interactive advertising and viral marketing. SEM methods include: Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), paid placement, and paid inclusion. The advantage of Search Engine Optimization over all other methods listed above is that it does not require continous investment, and it does have a long term effect.


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Unofficial Dictionary - SEO terms related to this page:

* Affordable is something that will not make you feel poor after you buy it.

* Index is a search site's database consisting of all web-sites that it had crawled.

* Keywords are word(s) or phrase(s) a person types into a search box.

* Query is the same as Keywords, only with implicit question mark.

* Rank is position where a site appears in search results. We all want to be on top no matter if we deserve it. Therefore all these 'unnatural' ways of achieving optimal 'natural' search results.

* Relevancy means that if web page title mentions apples, web page content should be about apples, not submarines.

* Search Term is a 4 hour time period needed for an average user to find an average thing he or she is looking for on the Internet. For another interpretation see Query.


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