This is Level 1

Page Rank of this page should be 0.85/3*PageRank of referring page. 0.85 is there because a page cannot transfer its whole importance to another page, but only 85% of it, while other 15% is simply lost. 3 is there because I am splitting importance from that page on 3 'follow' links including a link to this page. 'Follow' means that search engine should take link into calculation, while 'nofollow' means that those links should be ignored. (UPDATE: there are now more than 3 links, so this calculation will need some modifications) Let's assign referring page a rank of R. This one than has X=0.28*R.

Level number 2.

And here goes some random text, so that following pages are different.

Did you know that idea behind this experiment is quite simple! All I plan to do is detect decrease of page ranks from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 to 0 by simply taking away .15 of page's importance at each step. I do this by having only one link at each successive page, and no back links.

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