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If you have new, quality, promising, original or up-coming web-site and want a chance to appear on top of search engine results for very difficult keywords so that others could discover you, or if you are in a competitive business where only big companies appear on top, in addition to doing a content Search Engine Optimization, this company will also offer a high PageRank page help for few months until your web-site gains enough natural links and traffic due to organic search engine optimization.

Decision to whom to provide this additional help will be based mainly on the quality of the web-site in question. Quality, new, original and still 'undiscovered' web-sites have higher chances. Hopefully a few months help will boost your web-site's visibility and traffic enough so that it will be able to continue to grow without this PageRank help.

Why this matters?

Google PageRank (PR) of this website is 4. Having a top level page here (one of about only 15 pages linked from the main page) with a single external link pointing to your website is therefore a good thing, because...

...people usually do text link trading and links exchange with pages where there are hundreds of other links, so effectively only a small fraction of page's importance is forwarded to you. In addition, these massive linking strategies are considered by Google a bad practice and are being penalized because they violate webmaster guidelines.

Finally, there is a simple economic reason why you should focus on Google Optimization.


Note: don't be confused with META robots line on top of the HTML code of these pages. They are here only for scrapper and content rip off sites, not for major search engines.

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Unofficial Dictionary - SEO terms related to this page:

* Affordable is something that will not make you feel poor after you buy it.

* Banned is - an obvious word. Websites that practice Black Hat are ban candidates.

* Outbound Link is a link from your website to another site or page. Usually it sucks your web-site page rank. While there were no nofollow tags, that was OK. But then most visited sites started putting this tag, and as a consequence, while many people link to them and give away their PageRanks, these sites do not give any PR in return. What is happening is capitalization and concentration of Page Rank! Protection from SPAM is an excuse for that, while in reality, high PRs are main reason. SlashDot has much healthier approach. One solution to this is to link without this tag only to small and obscure sites with good content.

* Website Promotion are all things explained on this site (and more) that serve to promote your business on the internet.


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