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Before requesting a quote, look at the homepage for examples of affordable Search Engine Optimization to know what kind of optimization you can expect. Rank number 1 is never promised by this company. If that is what you are looking for, then you should contact some 'black SEO' spamming company. Not promising top 1 rank does not mean this SEO company can't do it (for example, google 'namestaj'), it is just not something that can be guaranteed.

If you are looking for a top 10 or top 20 organic search engine ranking (placement), you are welcome to request a quote.

Please keep reading to learn more about web-site design, web-programming, and effective SEO services. Also, you can request one of numerous SEO Packages by submitting the online form or by calling an optimization consultant (number on bottom). Although company is located in Chicago Illinois, USA, you can as well be in NYC New York, Miami Florida, or even in Hong-Kong China, or Delhi India as this company also does national and international telecommute consulting.

Cost-Effective Website Optimization & Development

How affordable is website optimization? There are cost-effective website optimization services for everyone's budget.

Each web-site will receive a customized package that can include web-design, static web-site optimization, dynamic database driven web-site optimization, custom PHP/MySQL programming, forum and blog optimization, WordPress, Joomla, CMS and other open source platforms customizations. All packages have at least 4 things in common: competent consulting, fast service, affordable price, and a long lasting effect of search engine optimization.

SEO consulting over the phone is also an option. Phone consultations are more expensive as they require prior preparation and analysis of your website. Few hours of consultations with a professional SEO consultant is enough time for you to get specific information and instructions related to your web-site optimization.

Web-Site Content Search Engine Optimization Services

Even basic SEO has several phases:

Advanced SEO involves much more than above, as is described later on this page.

Web-Site SEO Content Copy Writing

SEO copywriting requires careful implementation of results collected in the keyword research phase. Depending on the size of the web-site, existing content, keywords difficulty, industry competitivenesses, and a few other factors, this phase of SEO can consume up to a few hours for a single large page of a competitive web-site.

Other SEO Services: PR Increase, Link Building, Usability...

SiteMap, Robots.txt file creation, Directory Submission and Search Engine Submission are included in every SEO project, and are not listed as special or additional services. PageRank PR Page/Link Help is offered to qualified clients.

You can also inquire about usability testing, Google's Website Optimizer experimentation, blog writing, link building, and other website promotion and internet marketing solutions, that are a part of various advanced SEO packages.

Advanced SEO

You had your site optimized and you have increased the number of visitors, but you want more. You want to dominate the market that is full of sharks. Your competitors are hiring both White Hats and Black Hats, they are doing everything they can to be on top, be it by the webmasters guidelines or not, whether they have the best and most competitive product on the market or not.

Welcome to Advanced SEO. Advanced SEO is based not only on the basic knowledge available to most SEO specialist, but is based on experimenatally proven results that only few talk about. Advanced SEO is based on the experience and knowledge aquired over the years by studing primary sources that go beyond the mere ranking algorithms, by reading what SEO notables think, and by thinking out of the box.

Above links are here just to give you a hint of all the information and knowledge that will be employed in an advanced SEO optimization of your website. This does not mean that mentioned knowledge won't be used in basic SEO packages, it only means that more expensive advanced SEO package will buy you more SEO Consultant's time which will be used for a more comprehensive analysis and optimization.

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Some people who are new to SEO think that SEO is about getting links to a web-site (link building). If you are one of them, please note that SEO includes web-page content rewriting, although there are limited things that can be done without it.

If you want to recieve a quality quote for the project, please take a moment to read about diverse SEO Packages or if you don't have time to read, simply fill out this form.

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Unofficial Dictionary - SEO terms related to this page:

* Affordable is something that will not make you feel poor after you buy it.

* Ethical is an ability to distinguish right from wrong, good from bad, and to responsibly strive to do right and good.

* Rank is position where a site appears in search results. We all want to be on top no matter if we deserve it. Therefore all these 'unnatural' ways of achieving optimal 'natural' search results.

* Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is a page that sometimes displays the results you were searching for.


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