The Best White Hat SEO Consulting Practices

Professional, ethical, and skillful Search Engine Optimization is the best Search Engine Optimization.

Understanding how search engine bots (short for robots) work is the most important part of Search Engine Optimization. Gaining that understanding requires knowledge, experience, experimentation and creativity.

To optimize pages, SEO specialist needs to have a general content. Content needs to be related to the industry/topic of the web-site. However, having a content is not enough. SEO specialist learns what keywords are most commonly used in internet searches when people search for relevant products. Finding right key or search phrases consisting of 2 to 4 words is even more important. Typing SEO consultant will give very different results from typing consultant SEO, and they both will differ from SEO consulting.

Based on this findings, SEO expert changes the content, structure, and interlinks of web pages. Change in content can sometimes be substantial, but more often, it is a change in wording. Rephrasing sentences is essential in order to make important terms and combinations of terms frequent enough, and yet, to maintain necessary variability of the same in order for a page to appear for many variations of search phrases.

Don't be misled that optimized page needs to look like a dictionary or some text full of unrelated keywords. On the contrary, it needs to be pleasant for reading because pages are ultimately aimed at readers and not search robots. The point is to write text so that natural language queries (organic search) by users will return your page in search results. Note for example how in third paragraph's explanation there are 3 variations of one phrase. They are there because they serve to explain something, but also to optimize this page for engines, and yet the way it is done is pleasant for reading, and also search engine friendly. This is called organic search engine optimization.

We are lazy and instead of typing whole sentences in searches, we type concise phrases on the topic. Content optimization is about fitting these most probable phrases into the text in a way that it is readable. However, as mentioned above, content optimization is only one step of many in a SEO process.

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Tutorial Articles

Basic reading: The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine

Further reading: SEO references, Google papers, Google's patents.

Creative reading: Blue Hat SEO.

Unofficial Dictionary - SEO terms related to this page:

* Algorithm is a list of instructions that tell search engines how to rank web-pages that are results of submitted queries.

* Ethical is an ability to distinguish right from wrong, good from bad, and to responsibly strive to do right and good.

* Keywords are word(s) or phrase(s) a person types into a search box.

* Query is the same as Keywords, only with implicit question mark.

* Relevancy means that if web page title mentions apples, web page content should be about apples, not submarines.

* Web-Site Directory is a site that is a collection of links to other web-sites on the internet.


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