SEO and … ‘And’!

So today I typed a very common word into the search engine — word and, and I wanted to see who ranks the first for such a common word, and to see why would someone be the first for the word and.

I was very pleasantly surprised as I discovered what seems to be a really very good site, and useful site, that among other things also talks about word and. What site would talk about word and? A site about grammar!

Not being native english speaker, I appreciate such a good online resources.

Anyhow, you will notice that word ‘and’ in its title doesn’t have … how would I say it… a fundamental meaning. It is there simply to connect two words, and title may as well be as good without it:

Guide to Grammar. Guide to Writing.

Guide to Grammar in Writing.

or some other variation. Words grammar and writing often occur near each other without word and. For example, ‘proper use of grammar in writing…’ (btw. I am aware there may be a few grammar mistakes inmy posts — I didn’t practice English grammar since high school).

this is the top site.

However, you will notice that next few results fundamentally require word ‘and’ in their titles.

Barnes and Nobles probably never appear near each other without and, and therefore Google may see word ‘and’ as a fundamental part of that brand.

Time and Date also mostly appear with ‘and’ in between.

Crooks and Liars is a famous blog name, and therefore ‘and’ is a fundamental part of it.

The first disapointing result is – Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more

As you can see, there is nothing fundamental about ‘and’ in this title, nor in relation to this site. However, is result number 5 only due to its huge PageRank and mere appearance of and in its title.

For other 4 top results, in addition to PageRank, word ‘and’ also had some real importance for them.

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