SEO Social Bookmarks With 'NoFollow' Tags

Improve your site visibility by making it easier for others to link to it using social bookmark buttons shown below. In the same time, keep your search engine result rankings by preserving your PageRank, which is normally devastated by the use of social bookmarking buttons without 'nofollow' tags.

seo social bookmarking

All you need to do is:

1. Download and unzip archive and into your web system.

2. Modify first few lines of '' to reflect your web-site parameters.

3. On your web-page(s) place following line where you want these buttons to appear:

<? php require_once(''); ?>

You can play with a code and change colors, ordering, etc.

Note that above can be used for php webpages. If you would like a javascript equivalent, let me know by email or by online contact form.

They Don't Give Your Links A Credit - Why Should You Give Them

Above script that you can download has an option to add / remove rel="nofollow" tags for all these buttons, or for buttons of sites that put this tag to their external links. By doing this, you will preserve some PageRank. By default, 'nofollow' is put on all links, and for a good SEO reasons you should leave it like that.

It may seem silly to do this, but consider this: there are 37 buttons above and average web-pages have only about that many links. This page for example has less than 20 distinct links not counting these buttons. This means that in each iteration of PR calculation two thirds of an average web page PR will leak to these sites, and considering that there are few dozen iterations, average webpage will lose most of its PR and site will not rank very high in Google search results. However, this is not the main reason why there should be 'nofollow' tags on all these links. If you do feel 'guilt' and want to link to some of those, go ahead. I will not reveal why that is not good, if you are interested, you will easily find an answer by googling for right words.

O.K., I'll give you a hint. What pages are all those buttons pointing to? How much content do they have? How does Google treat pages that point to no-content pages? Still don't know the answer? Then you should definitely hire this company to do SEO work for you.

If you are generous with your PR, you can give this site some credit by eliminating 'nofollow' tag on 'SEO' button link. Yes, there is 'nofollow' tag on a link to this site!

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Unofficial Dictionary - SEO terms related to this page:

* Affordable is something that will not make you feel poor after you buy it.

* Pay-For-Performance is same as Pay-Per-Click. Maybe more accurate would be 'Pay-For-Under-Performance' as most of these marketing packages are just so inefficient.


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