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Seolutions.net probably has one of the most flexible pricing schemes in the industry. You can select from a number of SEO options (including Guaranteed SEO), with each having basic and advanced packages with pricing ranges to fit your needs. You can ask for an existing site optimization or a new website development that includes design, programming, database development, and optimization.

If you have a competitive industry website, then you probably want to select an advanced package in the form below. Otherwise, look for a most suitable basic package.

When in a package you see a price range like this $500-$2000, lower prices corresponds to simple static and dynamic sites with few distinct pages and simple navigation, while higher prices corresponds to big or complex sites with many distinct pages and features (reviews, user profiles, votings, forums, etc.) and a multi level navigation. For example, if a site has thousands of products that are all called with the 'product.php?id=123' type of URL, that means that all the products are generated with only one 'product.php' script that retrieves products from the database. That is a single page to optimize. If however you want a change in the database of all product titles and descriptions to be more search engine friendly, then that is an additional work. If your site also has product category pages then that's another distinct page, and also a multi level navigation. If your site calls articles with php variables like this 'product.php?article=about-us', then 'product.php?article=' script is one distinct page, but also each article that you want to be optimized is a distinct page.

If you have a complex site, you may still ask for a lower price in a package price range, but then you are asking for the optimization of only the main and most important pages on the website.

Pay Per Project

Prices are listed in the submission form.

Prices for these packages vary depending on the size of the website, and on the strength of the competition. Prices on the lower range correspond to sites that are easier to optimize. Prices in higher range are for those in very competitive fields.

Who would benefit from consultations and recommendations only? People who already have web developers to implement the changes, or businesses that are afraid to show their web application's source code files to other people.

Pay Per Performance - Guaranteed SEO

Prices are listed in the submission form.

Like for above, prices here also vary depending on the competitivness of your niche market. Unlike above where you pay per project, here you pay per optimization performance.

All Pay Per Performance options are measured in comparison to the numbers before optimization. For example, if your site already has 30,000 visitors per month and after optimization it gets 45,000 then you pay for the difference of 15,000.

Options are flexible, and we try to addapt to every need and every budget. From personal sites, to corporate networks of sites, from static pages to dynamic and flash pages, from consultations to implementations. Packages cannot fit into the table as they are so numerous and customized for each customer.

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Unofficial Dictionary - SEO terms related to this page:

* Reciprocal Links are two sites linking to each other. Usually one will present itself as high PR site, while in reality it will have hundreds of links on that insignificant page that will link to you. In reciprocity, you will link to that website from your main page.

* Paid Listings is a directory listings where you have to pay to appear. How unexpected explanation! Why be on free listing when you can pay for it!


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